Account issues

If you're having issues with your account or you're unable to log in, please read this guide.

Hungarian version is available, click here.

Unable to log in:

  1. Try re-entering your password. It is CaSe Sensitive! Make sure CapsLock is off.
    You may presented with a capchta puzzle. Solve it to proceed.
  2. Click "Forgot your password?" (reset password) to get a new password delivered to your email address. Make sure to try this step before contacting us. Do not waste our time. (Check your SPAM folder too - it might land there)
  3. If you're still not receiving any of our emails, whitelist our addresses.  Go to "Email settings > Trusted and banned addresses > Trusted email addresses" and add ncore[at] or the whole domain ( * )  to your whitelist.
  4. Clear your browser's history, cookies and forms. If it is still not working, tick "Lowered security" at the login prompt.
  5. If you're using AdBlock or any kind of ad blockers, turn them off or whitelist our site. 
  6. If you're still unable to unable to log in, contact us. Find out more at the bottom of this page. 
Reset password:

My account has been deleted:

If your account has been deleted , you can ask us to recover it.
All you have to do is to reply to the email you received and ask for your account to be restored. 

Accounts which we restore at all times:

- Accounts deleted for being inactive for 8 or 12 weeks. (with reason: ratio dropped below 0.3)
- You deleted your own account
- Hacked accounts

Accounts which we do not restore at all (and we don't even reply)*

- Deleted for being a dupe (or multiple) account
- Deleted for having 3/5 warns or had warnings on for 8/4 weeks weeks.
- Deleted for violatin our Hit'n'Run policy severely.
- Deleted for cheating (ratio hacks for example)
- Deleted for other reasons (Insulting Staff/Helpdesk members etc.)

*we don't care if it was you or somebody else using your account. It is your own sole responsibility not to share your account (or your password) with anybody.

Your account has been stolen:

Ask the person who invited you* to contact us by the 'HelpDesk' menu. (Choose [Staff] for the topic)
He/She should tell us:
- which invitee is this about (basically your username)
- recap what happened
- your new email address (the one we should change it to)

... and we will do the rest from there.

*if this person is no longer registered on the site or you were invited by the system then contact us on IRC. Join our IRC channel.

Ways to contact us:

  •  Send an email to
  •  Join our IRC channel and wait patiently for help. Don't PM anyone.
  •  Our IRC address is: (port: 6667), channel #ncore-help
    • or simply click here: webIRC


If you're to contact us, we will need the following information. Make sure to tell us as precisely as you can.
- Username
- The email address belonging to that user account (it is the one you registered with - unless you changed it later)

We do NOT need your password, don't tell us!

Please note:

We get a large amount of emails every day. We're doing our best here and try to reply within 30 days. Please be very patient and don't send us any more emails. Our mailsystem (Gmail) organizes emails from the same sender into a thread and puts it on the top. But we start with the ones on the bottom. (oldest to newest). So that means the more times you send us an email, the later you'll get a reply. 

Also note:
We do not reply to such topics like "I purchased an invite" or "I received an invite on Facebook and send an SMS". We told you - repeatedly - that you can't buy an invite and you can not register via Paypal or an SMS payment. Any such offers are fraudulent.

Don't asks for invites. We won't send you one, no matter how nice you ask.
We delete any offensive/mean email without reply. We also can't help you if your invite has been cancelled by the person who wanted to invite you.

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